How to Create a policy in Nessus


Policies allow you to create custom templates defining what actions are performed during a scan.

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Step 1:

In the Nessus interface, Click Policies on the left side. Click on Create a Policy link on the page.

Step 2: 

Click Advanced Scan

Step 3:

Enter Name and Description of your Policy, then go to Discovery Section

Step 4: 

If we're going to use the data we collected within Nmap we can close the Ping Scan because we already have the lists of the hosts

Step 5:

To see how many ports Nessus will scan, analyze Nessus Services file

Step 6:

Add 1-65535 in the Port Scan Range field

SYN Scan is selected by default. If you like you can select TCP and or UDP scans as well.

Step 7:

Go to Advanced Section. 

Safe checks are enabled by default. 

We can select Scan IP addresses in a random order to make the scan a little more stealthy.

Step 8:

Edit Performance Options

Reduce the number of Max simultaneous host per scan to avoid delays and network traffic - 100

Max number of concurrent TCP sessions per host is not defined by default. We can define an upper bound to keep the host's safe - 800

Define a Max number of concurrent TCP sessions per scan to keep the network traffic safe - 2000

Step 9:

Disable Denial of Service under Plugin Tab, then click Save

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