How to Install Nessus on Kali

Nessus develop by tenable network security is one of the most popular vulnerability scanners. Nessus allows scans for the following types of vulnerabilities.

  • Allow remote hacker to control or access sensitive data on a system
  • Detecting Misconfiguration
  • Port Scan
  • Call Hydra Launch a Dictionary Attack
  • DDoS against the DCP IP stack by using malformed packets
  • Ability to use Exploit
  • Ability to look for Credentials
  • 70,000+ Plugins
  • Can generate Report    

Step 1:  

Download Nessus Essential from need an activation key to install Nessus, Register to get the activation key

Step 2:

Go to the download folder and install the package


└─$ sudo dpkg -i Nessus-8.13.1-debian6_amd64.deb 

Step 3:

Start Nessus Service using the service command


└─$ systemctl start nessusd.service

$ netstat -tulpn | grep LISTEN

$ systemctl status nessusd.service

Step 4: 

Go to the browser and type

Create an account and Configure Nessus

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