Linux Command to Retrieve Description of the System’s Hardware Components, Serial Numbers and BIOS Revision

dmidecode is a tool, used to dumping computer's BIOS table content into human readable format. It retrieves description of the system’s hardware components,serial numbers and BIOS revision. You should run this command as root.

                       # dmidecode

If you want to retrieve System Serial number, use the following command
                       # dmidecode -t system

                    # dmidecode -s system-serial-number

                    # dmidecode --help

Options are:

 -d,       --dev-mem FILE           Read memory from device FILE (default: /dev/mem)
 -h,       --help                             Display this help text and exit
 -q,       --quiet                            Less verbose output
 -s,       --string KEYWORD      Only display the value of the given DMI string
 -t,        --type TYPE                  Only display the entries of given type
 -u,       --dump                           Do not decode the entries
            --dump-bin FILE            Dump the DMI data to a binary file
            --from-dump FILE         Read the DMI data from a binary file
 -V,      --version                         Display the version and exit

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