How to Install Linux on Windows Using VirtualBox

In this post we will see How to Install Linux on Windows Using VirtualBox. Oracle VM VirtualBox (formerly Sun VirtualBox, Sun xVM VirtualBox and Innotek VirtualBox) is a free and open-source hypervisor for x86 computers currently being developed by Oracle Corporation. Developed initially by Innotek GmbH, it was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2008 which was in turn acquired by Oracle in 2010.

VirtualBox may be installed on a number of host operating systems, including: Linux, macOS, Windows, Solaris, and OpenSolaris. There are also ports to FreeBSD and Genode.

It supports the creation and management of guest virtual machines running versions and derivations of Windows, Linux, BSD, OS/2, Solaris, Haiku, OSx86 and others, and limited virtualization of macOS guests on Apple hardware.

First, Download and install Oracle Virtual Box

For Installation, Please refer our  previous article, How to install VirtualBox on Windows 7,8 and 10

Please refer the following steps to Install Linux on Windows Using VirtualBox.

Video Tutorial


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